Do electric fireplaces work

- Aug 05, 2016-

1, ornamental effect. Unmatched real flames, rich, flexible, dynamic, natural, which is unmatched any other heating methods, including air conditioning, is a real romantic warmth.

2, nature, balance and health. True fire fireplace heating is the most natural way of heating. No electromagnetic radiation pollution. Not dry not dry, comfortable, healthy, seemed to bring the sun into the living room, reached the home life of gold, wood, water, fire, soil is five lines of complete perfection.

3, economical, cost-effective. True fire fireplace heating cost for air conditioning heating one-third, buy the more expensive, but cheaper.

4, environmental protection. True fire firplace direct use of wood (charcoal) or natural gas as fuel, renewable natural material, no longer converted into electrical energy, low cost, less waste, environmentally friendly. Ash or carbon dioxide when burned, environmental pollution is very small.

5, conditions of use without limitation. Winter temperatures are very low or a power failure, when you are most in need of warmth, air conditioning is often not used correctly. True fire firplace is not subject to any environmental impact, regardless of how harsh climate can work properly.

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