Fireplace cores in contrast to true fire firplace core encyclopedia

- Aug 05, 2016-

Electric fireplace is the principle for using electric wire heating, electronic imitation flame effect flame, to achieve aesthetic and heating effects.

For the true fire firplace, the real combustion heating, heating at the same time, transform flame fireplace viewing highlights.

Electric fireplace, easy to install, more heavily decorated, its heating effect is limited, is heating a smaller area of the simulation than wood-burning fire fireplace flame appearance.

The true fire firplace, flue needs to be installed prior to use, but the real burning heating area, ornamental and electric fireplaces.

Fireplace expression of different decorative materials you can get what you want atmosphere, fireplace selection of surface material also will have a different psychological effect, true fire firplace stone finishes can create gorgeous effects, simple space, wood color not too dark or feel stiff and dull. The feel of logs and stones are the best in the country. Above is the small series to bring a presentation on core-fireplace, hoping to help.

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