True fire firplace in family's important status in the West!

- Aug 05, 2016-

The fireplace is a "living" the interior components, this is because many of the Interior elements are static, immovable, only there is a fireplace, a keeper of the flame, flickering light, show it has "life" charm

Fireplace as an important symbol of the Western architectural style, has increasingly beyond the original function, becoming synonymous with form and style. Especially in hot countries do not require heating, such as India, and Brazil, wealth, status, status can be read out from the fireplace decoration.

In Western countries, as a cultural heritage and a symbol. as the core of the family fireplace area, and as an important decorative parts. placed around the fireplace in the art they like, family photos, and more. The fireplace in the living space: living room, dining room, kitchen, study room and work room, leisure room, bathrooms, basements, bedrooms, an outdoor space.

Leaders fire symbolizes power, soldiers fire a symbol of strength, the bosses think fireplace a symbol of great wealth and friends the fireplace as a passion and friendship love fireplaces as a fervent love, older people see the fireplace as warm and happy. The fireplace is a cultural symbol, people tend to being active, but little in front of the fireplace, can open their own ideas.

In the West, the fireplace is sometimes where the diplomatic or private negotiation; sometimes people exchange of friendly interaction and emotional occasions; sometimes is the home of the core area. In short, the fireplace is a symbol of love, relationship of love, warmth and friendship. It goes beyond a simple utility functions and presents a unique cultural features.

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