What is the principle of electric fireplaces

- Aug 05, 2016-

Principle is referenced classical European fireplace electric fireplace sound production technology and modern optics, traditional fireplace design has been greatly improved, was created in the elegant green and stir strong wood combustion.

Due to the manufacturing technology is ripe for electric heaters, and consumer demand for convenience, fashion, beauty, style is emerging. While the exterior, but heating principle is very different, so only from the exterior it is hard to discern the type of heater. Heating wire heating element heating element heating element for heating material heaters are mainly seen on the market more and more traditional heaters. Its heating element for electric wire, use the fan will blow out the heat from the heating wire. Then there is the new product on the market today: fan-like appearance, by electric wire wrapped around ceramic seat heating insulation, use reflector of heat diffusion across the room. Such heaters as well as fan, you can automatically rotate angle, to the whole room heating, suitable for use in small room 8 square metres.

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