Why fire is a valuable home equipment

- Aug 05, 2016-

Fireplace may live as long as the life of the House, and may even be in the House when it is still intact, not only preserve and increase the value, which is unparalleled by any other heating device, and maintenance of the fireplace easier. In addition, in the case of urban energy supply shortage or sudden stop, fireplace can also be useful to protect their families.

From the use of, in effect, cottage or duplex residential spaces are quite large, even if more than 10 air conditioning heat because of the reasons for the increase are not up to very good effect. Not only spend more, contributions and the resulting heat to the ceiling. The heat from the fireplace will be able to make the whole room from bottom to top to distribution. For example, installed a 14KW fireplace, 180 cubic metres to 200 cubic meters of space, the effect is very good.

From the economic side, install a central air condition basically requires tens of thousands of Yuan, but also takes up a lot of space, maintenance costs are high. Villa use central air conditioning in the 10 or so, need 10 kWh of electricity per hour, cost of 5-6 Yuan, down at least a day to dozens of Yuan. While installing geothermal systems is not only very expensive, cumbersome, to alter the House if renovated, cost is very high. However, installing a fireplace, if you have an existing chimney and furnace Chamber, can be installed in one day and put some wood on just 5 minutes, you can feel the warmth of the oncoming.

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