Winter wood phonograph easy to crack

- Aug 05, 2016-

Classical phonograph especially logs quality class, is Chinese retro home decorative of leads, it of multifunctional sex and the practical, regardless of match Chinese furniture or continental home are can foil out master of taste, but due to integrated has black rubber player LP,CD machine, USB play device, SD card play device, AM/FM radio, a poses function, decided has it of price, so people impossible often to replaced record player, so it of maintenance on is is important has.

Solid wood phonograph made from wood, and vulnerable to the effects of humidity, swelling shrinkage change can occur. Climate was drier in winter, and demand for many families because of the warm, often taken at the indoor heating measures and increase the dryness of indoor air, resulting in solid wood phonograph due to severe water shortages, the cracking phenomenon and difficult to repair.

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