5 Reason Why Vinyl Is Popular Again

- Aug 02, 2017-


Vinyl records have become more popular over the last decade.

Here are six reasons vinyl is on the rise.

1.An active, experience

Listening to a CD or a MP3 is nice and refreshing, but you're probably doing something else at the time. But with vinyl you can’t simply push play and walk away.playing an LP is a whole experience.With vinyl ,The needle needs to be moved over and the album needs to be flipped,You take your time handling the disc, lowering the tone arm,so you're not likely doing other things.so why not sit down and wait ,then Enjoying the Music.

2. Vinyl is Something tangible

More importantly, vinyl is tactile.The record itself has a pleasing physicality.The first time you drop a needle on a vinyl record is memorable. You visually see the needle touch the record, and magically a sound explosion ignites.At the same time Vinyl can be shared, traded, gifted and autographed.

3.The community

There’s something wonderful about buying records. Record shops aren’t just for shopping. They are also a place to connect with other music fans, to discuss things with them, and to get to know their recommendations and opinions, and ultimately make friends.

4.Improve Music Taste

As the record revolves, you can watch the progress as the needle moves from the outside of the record to the inside. It is mesmerizing to follow the flow and subtle progress. People who listen to vinyl tend to be quite discerning with what they listen to. 

5.Sound quality

Vinyl sounds good, This one isn’t up for debate. Vinyl sounds better than MP3s ever could. 

Most of the music you listen to is stored and broadcast in a lossy format, where details are lost and quality is reduced. Vinyl is what’s called a lossless format. Nothing has been lost when pressing a record. It sounds as good as the producer or band intended.

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