After 30 Years,,Snoy Start Making Records Again.

- Aug 11, 2017-

vinly records (1).jpg

In the era of digital music, vinyl should have been gradually forgotten in the history as obsolete products, like video, VCD . But in fact, 2017 vinyl has a great recovery trend.

June 30, Sony announced that it will production vinyl records one again.It is nearly 30 years,since Sony abandoned vinyl production by 1989.It is a good news for audiophiles.

In the digital music popular today,the vinyl records industry in what opportunities?

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Now is the best time for "vinyl revival"

The form of online songs is gradually eroding the market of one-time paid music, and gradually changed the way we listen to the songs. In the past, we always took the initiative to find songs through the music album, and now more people like the "recommended song" - more and more convenient way to listen to songs, to some extent, also diluted music to the value of.

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More and more people come to realize that they need, may not only fast food music, some people began to find the original value of music.

This is why, vinyl records actually began to recover the reason.

In the 2016 CES show, Sony released the vinyl player PS-HX500, seemingly out of tune with the times, but a careful analysis will find that this is the era of digital music, Sony make another kind of thinking : Let high-value music comeback.

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