Bluetooth Speakers Gradually By The Consumer Attention And Acceptance

- Oct 31, 2017-

Bluetooth speakers through the built-in Bluetooth chip, and mobile phones, tablet PCs and notebooks and other Bluetooth playback devices to achieve the purpose of convenience. At present, the Bluetooth speakers to portable speakers, the shape is generally more compact and portable, Bluetooth speaker technology also by virtue of its convenient characteristics of human nature gradually by consumers attention and acceptance.

So, when we go to explore whether a speaker device needs to look up and down in the appearance of the time, the answer is clearly yes, because it is one of the whole as a home decoration, or take into account it as the importance of beloved music Media, a high-quality design of the speaker is undoubtedly very necessary - from this point of view, it is not blame the user to take a product.

And this is also today, this device can not be heard on the reason to attract the author, as its name, super-gravity magnetic levitation Bluetooth speaker with flying saucer-shaped suspension design, based on magnetic levitation technology innovation will be placed on the suspension structure, At first glance is full of sense of science and technology - the shape of the UFO is undoubtedly the first time to pass out the feeling of science fiction, and with the magnetic floating state has greatly enhanced the sensory stimulation and satisfaction, no exaggeration to say, With the shape design, it has been difficult for people to say it.

It is worth mentioning that, through the super-gravity magnetic levitation at the bottom of the Bluetooth speaker permanent magnet, can be arbitrarily adsorbed iron objects, which means "super-gravity" concept and aesthetics, but also by the user to develop more games.

In addition, the super-gravitational magnetic levitation Bluetooth speakers with a calm black as the main color, supplemented by matte texture wrapped and embellished in the overall perception is also no lack of sense of the atmosphere, the classic color is never tired - look at the industry, fancy Design is never missing, but people do not see the product is very few, and there is no doubt that the super-gravity magnetic levitation Bluetooth speakers belong to one of the latter

Although the super-gravitational magnetic levitation Bluetooth speaker has a strong suction ability, but if it is considered super-gravity magnetic levitation Bluetooth speakers only have their table only, it may be wrong. In fact, the reason why the use of this floating design, the most fundamental reason is that this way to avoid the traditional Bluetooth speakers as a result of the sound cavity structure placed inside the fuselage as a whole, resulting in displacement, sound loss and resonance problems , In order to achieve the true sense of the 0 resonant loss of sound quality.

From this point of view, it is in order to achieve this experience, super-gravity magnetic levitation Bluetooth speakers have this design, and this experience to drive all the R & D philosophy, in fact, is to promote the technology industry has been booming momentum.

In the audio performance and other related indicators, super-gravitational magnetic levitation Bluetooth speakers are also enough emboldened, the sound structure and spectrum debugging by the industry's first Nanjing University acoustics experts commissioned, allegedly made dozens of frequency band debugging, And finally in the ear of the most appropriate frequency band to do the flatness, distortion and loudness of the optimal solution.

In actual use, the bass noise, midrange stability, treble clear, plus zero resonance panoramic sound effects, can provide users with 360 degrees immersive music enjoyment, not only for geeks players, more able to meet a large number of enthusiasts Harsh requirements.

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