Bluetooth Speakers Life Is More And More Convenient

- May 25, 2017-

Now all kinds of equipment are more and more intelligent, so that small partners are more and more convenient daily life, then the problem came, ordinary Bluetooth Speakerss can meet the needs of small partners do?

Bluetooth small speaker continues Meizu consistent design language. High-strength solid color shell with brushed aluminum alloy frame, to maintain a sense of the body at the same time to give a better product texture. Classic round speaker design and reclining base clever combination, so that the classic design glow new ideas.

However, the simple design behind is not simple. In fact, it is not just a small speaker.

More cool is when each light beads issued a different light, you can also form Mario, skull and other pixel patterns, and players can not only use the built-in pattern, you can also develop their own DIY hole, and even can create 12 kinds of pictures , Continuous play.

 Can also be used as a night light, specially modulated spectral frequency atmosphere lighting effect and built-in 22 Alpha music, can help guys better sleep. 12 kinds of scenes sound, but also intimate to ask you to get up.

Out of the door, but also non-music can not quench their thirsty people, this problem is not, a mobile phone or portable music player with a headset on it, but if you want to share with friends, and extremely hate the phone loud speaker, So really can only take a few Bluetooth Speakerss on the road. In addition, the author also has a bad idea, conditional to bring the whole set of audio it, generators also bring it, who told you is a fever? (Car audio enthusiasts did not laugh out loud strange).

Go out with Bluetooth Speakerss? Nor is it, for example, in every corner of the house, can be used at all times, in the living room, in the study, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, or even the toilet, or busy, thinking, when in a daze ... anyway, How to do. Is the sound of the Bluetooth Speakers? Not to say that this size, so easy to play, so it is really no it, and when used to listen to songs, busy when the background music is still good, from another point of view, it created A small speaker new world.

Bluetooth is a wireless transmission technology that can achieve many devices of short-range data exchange, such as our mobile phone, the biggest advantage of this technology is wireless transmission, the other is a short distance, so the transmission power is not so big, but also power. Bluetooth Speakerss is the application of this technology to the active speaker, through this wireless transmission technology, mobile phones, tablet PCs or PC digital audio transmission to the speaker, in order to achieve free wireless music playback.

"Bluetooth" comes from the ancient king of a Nordic king, the king because often eat some kind of fruit, so the teeth stained with the color of the fruit, it is said that he is eating blueberries, is not this can not be verified. Later in the name of this wireless technology, some people think of the "Bluetooth" the name (Xiaobian think of the typhoon that irrelevant name).

What is the Bluetooth Speakers inside?

Standard Bluetooth Speakers, built-in Bluetooth receiver module, is responsible for receiving the transmission of digital music signals, and then through the decoding of digital signals into analog signals, and then amplified by the audio amplifier, and finally promote the speaker pronunciation. At present most of the Bluetooth Speakerss are portable, so built a rechargeable battery is necessary. Of course, some of the multi-functional Bluetooth Speakerss, a collection of radio, card player and other functions, so the built-in module will be more.

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