Bluetooth Speakers The Appearance Of Ever-changing

- Aug 08, 2017-

The Bluetooth Speakers is the terminal of the whole sound system, it is the audio power into the corresponding sound energy, and it radiation to the space. It is in the sound system directly to deal with the human ear, so people pay more attention to the performance of the Bluetooth Speakers. So, what is inside the Bluetooth Speakers inside? What is the role of each component?

Although the combination of Bluetooth Speakerss or the appearance of the ever-changing, but the Bluetooth Speakers is the final Bluetooth Speakers, the basic structure - Bluetooth Speakerss (Bluetooth Speakers unit), box, frequency divider, sound-absorbing material is always the same. So what are they based on how does it work? Today we come together to understand.

The loudBluetooth Speakers is an electro-acoustic device that converts electrical energy into sound energy, and it is one of the most important parts in a sound device for sound effects.

The Bluetooth Speakers has a variety of classification, according to its conversion method can be divided into electric, electromagnetic, piezoelectric, digital and other; according to diaphragm structure can be divided into single cone, composite cone, composite horn, coaxial Can be divided into high-frequency, intermediate frequency, low frequency, ultra-low frequency and full-band Bluetooth Speakerss, etc. The Although different types of Bluetooth Speakerss work in different ways, but ultimately through the generation of mechanical vibration to promote the surrounding air, so that the air medium fluctuations in order to achieve "electric - power - sound" conversion.

Among the loudBluetooth Speakerss with different transducers, the most widely used electric Bluetooth Speakerss are available. Subwoofer to cone-type majority, midrange Bluetooth Speakerss for the cone-type or the top of the ball, the tweeters with the top of the ball and belt, the type of commonly used.

The electric Bluetooth Speakers mainly uses the interaction between the voice coil and the constant magnetic field to make the diaphragm vibrate and sound. Its working principle is as follows: it is mainly composed of magnet and vibration system composed of two parts. The magnet is composed of magnets and soft core columns, and the vibrating system is composed of cone (diaphragm), centering piece, voice coil and dust cover. When the voice coil of the Bluetooth Speakers into the audio current, the voice coil in the role of the current will produce alternating magnetic field, permanent magnet also produces a constant size and direction of the constant magnetic field. The magnetic field size and direction produced by the voice coil are constantly changing with the change of the audio current, so that the interaction of the two magnetic fields causes the voice coil to move perpendicularly to the direction of the current in the voice coil. Since the voice coil and the diaphragm are connected, The vibrating diaphragm vibrates the vibrating surface of the vibrating diaphragm. The greater the current output to the voice coil, the greater the force of its magnetic field, vibration diaphragm vibration amplitude is greater, the sound is more loud. The loudBluetooth Speakers sounds mostly in the center of the diaphragm, and the loudBluetooth Speakers sounds the main part of the diaphragm at the edge of the diaphragm. If the edge of the diaphragm of the loudBluetooth Speakers is soft and the paper bowl is larger, the loudBluetooth Speakers sounds better.

When a Bluetooth Speakers in the open space vibration, the diaphragm front and back of the acoustic signal will directly form a loop, the stack is canceled and spread out, resulting in only a very small wavelength of high frequency sound can be heard, Seriously affect the real sound of the reduction effect. If you want to stop the sound in the reflow was superimposed offset, the box came into being. In fact, the ideal situation is to install the Bluetooth Speakers in an infinite rigid baffle to ensure that the diaphragm before and after the sound of the interception, and meet the conditions of the baffle is actually does not exist, closed box in a certain The degree played the same role.

Similarly, the larger the closed box is, the more favorable the reduction of the low-frequency sound, and the actual design and production we calculate the compromise data according to the loudBluetooth Speakers size of the subwoofer.

In addition to the box volume, the material that makes up the enclosure also affects the Bluetooth Speakers's sound quality. At present, the material applied to the box is generally made of wood materials, inorganic materials and synthetic resin materials, and sometimes there will be glass, concrete, etc., different materials produced by the sound will have different effects.

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