Bluetooth Speakers With Non-linear Loudness Characteristics

- Jul 19, 2017-

Bluetooth speakers through the built-in Bluetooth chip, and mobile phones, tablet PCs and notebooks and other Bluetooth playback devices to achieve the purpose of convenience. At present, the Bluetooth speakers to portable speakers, the shape is generally more compact and portable, Bluetooth speaker technology also by virtue of its convenient features of the human nature is gradually being valued and accepted by consumers.

This is the Bluetooth speaker sector Pebble, how, really more like a cobblestone bar, in fact, even smaller.

It is easy to understand, Pebble speaker is the biggest selling point is "small". It weighs only 35 grams, the size of 32.6 x 32.6 mm, and built-in 300mAh battery, support Bluetooth 4.2, said the world's smallest Bluetooth speaker is not too. It has silver, gold, black, blue, pink five colors, basically with the market in any smart phone with.

Bluetooth Speakers of speakers and power amplifier power matching problem, we had to first understand the speaker power has a correct understanding of many people on this issue there is a big mistake, the general power of the speaker with the power of the concept of confusion The

We know that a nominal power is 1000W water heater, it works, the need for power supply to it 1000W of power power, otherwise, it can not work, such as we can not reach the hot water temperature or cause the power system Damage, that is, a nominal 1000W water heater in order to make it work properly, the water heated to the temperature we need, it is necessary to give it 1000W of electric power, it needs to consume so much power.

But the speaker power concept is not the case, the speaker work, the output is the sound, and the sound size is not constant, will cadence, sound pressure level will change, but the ratio should not change. Assuming that a 100W speaker, the concept of this power is that it can withstand 100W of power, rather than the electric water heater needs this power, the 100W power speaker gives it 10W power, it outputs a sound pressure corresponding to 10W power It is 100W power, it outputs the corresponding sound pressure of 100W power, the output sound pressure has changed, but theoretically, the composition of the sound will not change.

Of course, our feeling will change, because the human ear has a non-linear loudness characteristics, in different sound pressure size of the case of different frequencies of different sensitivity, when the sound is small, the bass and treble, especially the bass sensitivity than Midrange low,Bluetooth Speakers so many people will think that the power is small, the sound can not get out, and see the nominal power of the speaker, it is necessary to put a lot of power amplifier to push, or would think that the smaller than the power of the speaker to eat power.

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