Chinese Bluetooth Speaker Market Status

- Aug 21, 2017-

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Bluetooth speaker market status:

Currently ,on the market mainstream Bluetooth speakers made from a few parts: domestic brands, international brands and other copycat brand. The existence of different types of products also meet the needs of the mainstream market, the number of domestic brands, the appropriate price, most people will buy this reassuring and affordable products ; The price of international brands are 3-5 times higher than domestic brands,even higher.The consumers concentrated in the digital people and geek family; more copycat products are all over the stall, subway station and other corners, the price is very low, the quality is very poor , most of them purchased by the consumers who are not sensitive to the digital products.At present, the Bluetooth speaker market chaotic, there are many problems.

Embarrassing hit face, homogenization is still serious

Almost 100% copy.

Homogenization is an inevitable topic, the audio circle homogenization has its own characteristics. Say the moon is more round in foreign countries than in China, small speakers and foreign well-known brand speakers "accidentally" hit face is not only one case. Imitation is a shortcut to success quickly. after all, is standing on the shoulders of the giant, disguised replacement of concept, copy the appearance ,has a low cost. On the other hand, homogenization is reflected in the technical level,all kinds of technology into the threshold is no high

Industry chaos clusters, how to fight with the copycat? The

Some consumers know is fake, but also willing to buy it, because of cheap!

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