CODI Tulip And Knight Vintage Bluetooth Speaker On

- Nov 09, 2017-

  What's the best gift for the special "Single Day", a fashion clothes, bouquet of flowers, a favourite delicacy? why not choose our premium, tasteful and low-profile "Tulip and Knight" Bluetooth speakers?


    With the elegant brass tulip crown shape hron , CSR 4.0 Bletooth , and three dynamic stereo speakers, 2*5W full ranges  and one passive subwoofer, based on the imported  walnut wooen case, just connected with your cell phone and play your favorite music, then feel the  warm music streams and surrounding you, like all the old precious memory and good feeling were came back, it's a treat to both yourself and your intimate.


    Open below link , have one luxury tulip Bluetooth speaker with unbeatable price!

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