Electric Fireplace Heater Equipment Maintenance Easier

- Jun 08, 2017-

First, the working principle of Electric Fireplace Heater

Electromagnetic heater is a use of electromagnetic induction principle to convert electrical energy into electrical appliances. In the electromagnetic heater, the rectifier circuit will be 50 / 60Hz AC voltage into a DC voltage, and then through the control circuit will be converted into a DC voltage frequency of 20-40KHz high-frequency voltage, high-speed current flow through the coil will produce high-speed Change the magnetic field, when the magnetic field within the magnetic field through the metal utensils (magnetic and conductive material) at the bottom of the metal body to produce numerous small eddy current, so that the vessel itself high-speed fever, and then heat the contents of the container.

Second, the electromagnetic heater structure

1. Electromagnetic heater main body for the rod reciprocating tubular structure, by the ferromagnetic hot rod and steel casing and high strength flange combination welding made. The advanced welding process, the main body of the heater with high strength and pressure, strong seal, thermal strain and strong anti-corrosion characteristics, can withstand adequate mechanical pressure and strength.

2. With the electromagnetic heater supporting the use of electric control cabinet, cabinet protection structure, welded by high-quality thick steel plate bending. The shell is treated by electrostatic spraying anti-corrosion process. Cabinet by the leakage air switch, AC contactor, temperature control instruments, reactive power compensation components, overheating protection relays and other components. Control circuit device has a master switch, you can manually input and remove the control loop power supply.

3. Electromagnetic heater According to the use of places, supporting the use of electric control cabinet is divided into: general protection and explosion-proof two specifications; heating method is divided into power frequency and constant temperature variable electric type two, applicable to different Heating process and use of places.

How does the electromagnetic heater control the temperature? In industrial heating equipment, most of the equipment are to be heated, the general use of the traditional resistance to the load heating, and then use the thermostat with AC contactor, to cut off the resistance of the power supply to achieve the purpose of temperature control , While the use of Electric Fireplace Heater, eliminating the need for AC contactor device, the electromagnetic heater has a soft start interface, the interface connected to the thermostat normally closed contact point can control the temperature.

The specific working principle is: when the detection temperature has not reached the temperature set by the thermostat, the thermostat output contact point is generally closed. When the temperature reaches the temperature set by the thermostat, the contact point of the thermostat output is broken. The use of Electric Fireplace Heater to control the temperature, the whole circuit is more simple, equipment maintenance easier. We are using this contact point and Electric Fireplace Heater can be connected together to control the temperature of the heating load. As long as the thermostat to set the temperature can be. In a certain range can be set at any time. Convenient and practical. In addition, the general electromagnetic heater soft start contact point can not take high pressure into, or power into, otherwise it will burn the electromagnetic heater low voltage part of the circuit.

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