Electric Fireplace Heater To Ensure Long-term Stable Work

- Oct 31, 2017-

Directional solidification technology is the most important production method of polysilicon ingots. It is very necessary to optimize the thermal field of the directional solidification furnace because the thermal field determines the quality of the polycrystalline silicon ingot to a large extent. The Electric Fireplace Heater provides the Electric Fireplace Heater source for the entire directional solidification furnace thermal field system and is the most important factor in controlling the thermal field. As the size of the ingot continues to increase, in order to better control the thermal field, the use of multiple Electric Fireplace Heater coagulation furnace has been widely used.

In the ingot furnace with multiple Electric Fireplace Heater, the position and power distribution of the Electric Fireplace Heater will affect the thermal field, flow field and solid-liquid interface morphology in the furnace. Therefore, in order to obtain a larger, better quality ingot, it is necessary to study the effect of the Electric Fireplace Heater position on the furnace thermal field.

There have been some studies on polysilicon ingot furnace Electric Fireplace Heater. The influence of different power distribution of the top and side Electric Fireplace Heater of ingot furnace on the melting, crystallization and annealing of silicon material was analyzed by numerical simulation.

On the life of the electromagnetic Electric Fireplace Heater gradually by everyone's attention. Electromagnetic Electric Fireplace Heater controller life is generally average in three to five years, but its life and several factors have a great relationship.

1. Is the product properly installed? Each of the electromagnetic Electric Fireplace Heater and electromagnetic Electric Fireplace Heater ring required insulation cotton kind, winding thickness length, inductance value, the input current value is different, must be in accordance with the manufacturer factory installation instructions for the standard. As well as each electromagnetic Electric Fireplace Heater control panel between the coil group spacing spacing of 10cm or more is also very important, because too close will affect each other. Only the electromagnetic Electric Fireplace Heater installed in the normal range of parameters to ensure long-term stable work.

2. The environment of the workshop includes dust, dust and humidity. In general, the greater the dust dust, the more adverse control of the electromagnetic Electric Fireplace Heater board. If the dust is relatively large dust, the need to regularly clean the electromagnetic Electric Fireplace Heater on the fan, air-cooled electromagnetic Electric Fireplace Heater is the main Electric Fireplace Heater, indoor ventilation is better, to avoid the fan was stuck and less than the motherboard cooling effect so that components overElectric Fireplace Heatering And burned out.

3. The quality of the product also has a great relationship. If it is already installed instructions on the parameters to install the workshop dust dust is not the case of electromagnetic Electric Fireplace Heater or often fail, then this is the quality of the problem. Do not rule out some manufacturers in order to reduce costs and the use of cheap components to do product quality instability and often failure, another reason is that although the components are good, but the circuit board design itself will lead to unreasonable easy error occured. If it is caused by quality problems, the proposal can be changed for a.

4. The degree of care for the product. For the workshop dust dust relatively large users, should be regularly brush with a brush on the electromagnetic Electric Fireplace Heater fan, and the electromagnetic Electric Fireplace Heater coil dust, the coil do not have heavy objects to suppress, or cut, do not often water splash Coil or electromagnetic induction Electric Fireplace Heater. Not to expose the electromagnetic Electric Fireplace Heater in the open air environment, because the open air environment if you encounter rainy days will certainly be wet, in the case of dry boot will lead to broken. Or open-air environment in the morning more rain, resulting in the circuit board is wet, not dry the case will lead to the inside of the line short circuit.

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