Electric Fireplace To Avoid The Dust Emissions, Waste Of Heat

- May 25, 2017-

There is such a device, both indoor heaters, can bring real warmth, but also to simulate the flame effect, so that the whole family sitting around the campfire, warm and romantic ... ... This is the Electric Fireplace Heater.

    Electric Fireplace Heater past life

 The fireplace is an out-of-the-box device, which is a kind of equipment that is mainly used in the interior to build fire for the fire .

    The basic structure of the fireplace includes a decorative mantelpiece and a practical fireplace. The fireplace is divided into: marble mantelpiece, wooden mantelpiece, imitation marble mantelpiece , piled mantel, etc .; fireplace core according to different fuels, both traditional carbon, wood  Fireplaces, there are later evolved gas-fired gas fireplaces, and today's electricity for the electricity of the Electric Fireplace Heater.

    Traditional fireplaces often require architectural support, such as furnace, chimney. Furnace can be used cast iron, can also be used refractory pile.

Today, the fireplace has become one of the necessary equipment for Western families, and in view of its special decorative effect, fireplace culture has become common practice. According to the culture of different countries, the fireplace can be divided into: American fireplace, English fireplace, French fireplace and so on.

    The so-called Electric Fireplace Heater, is the electric heating of the fireplace. More stringent definition is a kind of use of optical reflection principle to simulate the traditional fireplace flame effect of a certain interior decoration of the electric heating equipment. Therefore, Electric Fireplace Heaters are also known as simulated fireplaces, or simulated flame fireplaces.

    The basic structure of the Electric Fireplace Heater is similar to that of a conventional fireplace, with the main difference being the main part - the fireplace core. Electric Fireplace Heater furnace wall by the flame simulation generator, fan heater and other exclusive equipment, especially the simulation of the flame generator is more maverick. It is understood that the flame simulation generator is a fireplace in the electric furnace to produce a simulation of the flame device, including the shell and set in the shell of the fire simulation device. The flame simulation device is the flame simulation of the generator simulation of the flame of the optical system, by the light source, with the drive shaft, spaced in the shaft on the reflective film, filter and imaging panels and other components, sub-light source direct flame Simulation device, light source reflection flame simulation device, mechanical motion reflective flame simulation device, video playback flame simulation device 4 types. In addition, because there is no exhaust gas generated, so no need for Electric Fireplace Heater furnishing like a traditional fireplace as the furnace, chimney, architectural design more concise.

 Compared with the traditional fireplace, Electric Fireplace Heater to avoid the traditional fireplace caused by dust emissions, waste of heat, the use of inconvenience, fire safety risks and many other issues.

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