Gramophone How To Maintain

- Aug 05, 2016-

Classical phonograph especially logs quality class, is Chinese retro home decorative of leads, it of multifunctional sex and the practical, regardless of match Chinese furniture or continental home are can foil out master of taste, but due to integrated has black rubber player LP,CD machine, USB play device, SD card play device, AM/FM radio, a poses function, decided has it of price, so people impossible often to replaced record player, so it of maintenance on is is important has.

Sun: solid wood classic Gramophone placed don't put it under direct sunlight, for a long time, the surface of the paint will fade with metal fittings will be oxidized, plastic parts can become brittle, vinyl LP is PVC material, Sun makes its deformation.

Dust: choose pure cotton dry cloth and soft brush to clear dust in the depression or relief. Avoid water, wipe the stains solvent such as alcohol, gasoline, and then with colorless wax, thinly coated, dry with cotton to reduce dust, and enhances gloss.

Moisture: moisture can make the wood rot, corrosion of the metal parts, bond partially open, original chrome stripping.

Stain: Gramophone classical when there is a yellow white paint, wipe gently with a white cotton cloth dampened with a little toothpaste and remove toothpaste stains with a damp cloth, and then dry with a dry cloth, yellowing phenomenon can be changed. Painted classical phonograph, directly on white grey burn marks water cups, soup bowls, free cloth dampened with a little concentrated toilet water or tea, and a little alcohol, gently wipe can be removed, and then dry with a cloth.

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