History Of The Electric Fireplace

- Aug 05, 2016-

Be Glen dimplex electric fireplace the first brand in the world. Glen Ting Prairie Group headquartered in Ireland, its excellent product quality and good after-sales service, establishing incontrovertible position in the electric fireplace industry and honors. Today, the company has become the world leader in electric heating company, it has 27 factories around the world, 20 branch offices, located in Ireland and the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, and Canada, and Germany, and France, China and other places, over more than 300 kinds of products, electrical heating products sales volume accounted for 85% of the total European market, with annual sales of 2.8 billion euros, has 10,000 employees worldwide. Glen dimplex Institute developed the first electric fireplace with a simulated flame effect and patented, on this basis, has developed a embedded fireplace, wall mount fireplace, freestanding fireplace products, classical and modern, fusion of technology and art, creating unparalleled physical and mental enjoyment.

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