How Is Bluetooth Transmission Evolving?

- Sep 02, 2017-

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In the development of Bluetooth technology for 20 years, in fact, has gone through several protocol version of the iteration. Now the latest agreement is 4.2. From 1.0 to 4.2, which period of what happened inside the crucial thing?

Bluetooth technology was originally created by Ericsson, which began in Ericsson's 1994 program, which is a way to study low-power, low-cost wireless communication connections between mobile phones and other accessories. In 1997, Ericsson adopted the concept of contact with the mobile device manufacturers to discuss the development of their projects, the results obtained support. In May 1998, five well-known manufacturers, such as Ericsson, Nokia, Toshiba, IBM and Intel, presented Bluetooth technology when they jointly launched the standardization of short-range wireless communications technology.

In the second half of 1999, the famous industry giants Microsoft, Motorola, Samsung, Lucent and Bluetooth special group of five companies co-sponsored the establishment of the Bluetooth technology promotion organization, which in the world set off a "Bluetooth" boom. The global industry is about to develop a large number of Bluetooth technology applications, Bluetooth technology has shown a very broad market prospects, and indicates that the early 21st century will usher in the magnificent global wireless communications wave.

By 2008, the Bluetooth technology alliance is preparing to set up a membership level for a "junior application member company". If it is a small and medium-sized enterprise with an annual turnover of less than $ 3 million, the entry fee is zero, and the cost of the two Bluetooth products is reduced to $ 2,500 , And further the development of Bluetooth equipment has been popular.

Compared to other wireless technologies, such as infrared, wireless 2.4G, WiFi, Bluetooth has improved encryption measures, stable transmission process and a wealth of compatible devices and many other advantages. Especially in the authorization threshold gradually reduced today, Bluetooth technology began to really universal to all digital devices.

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