How To Choose A Bluetooth Speaker (1)

- Aug 21, 2017-


Buy things is like finding a girlfriend, people tend to believe in the first feeling. At first glance,catching you eyes, it seems that the business is successful in more than half, so the Bluetooth speaker appearance is the most valued for consumers,but the most benevolent see benevolence. Everyone's aesthetic taste is different.Except appearance,what we need pay attention to when choosing a bluetooth speaker?

1.Bluetooth version:

Bluetooth version of the improved technology

Although the latest Bluetooth version has a backward compatibility feature, no matter what version of Bluetooth is almost 100% compatible, but does not mean that the Bluetooth version of the model is not important. Up to now,there are total six versions of bluetooth technology, including V1.1, 1.2, 2.0, 2.1, 3.0, 4.0, high version of backward compatibility, which V1.1, 1.2 version has been eliminated, the most widely used V2.0, 2.1 version, the transmission rate of up to 2Mbps or more, and can simultaneously transmit data and voice. The latest improved version V3.0, 4.0 has been out, and the transmission speed increased significantly to 24Mbps, the transmission distance on the theoretical value is up to 60 meters. So before the purchase, you need to understand the Bluetooth version of the device.We advise to buy 2.1 versions or higher than 2.1 versions of the Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth version is too low to play music is intermittent and so on.

2.About the material:

Observe the details of the workmanship

It is different with the traditional multimedia speakers using wooden box, most of the small Bluetooth speakers usually use plastic, metal and other materials. Usually the regular brand in the speaker of the materials will not save money, even if the use of plastic material, and rarely appear uneven surface, texture thin and so on. Some intentions of the brand even in the speaker outside the cover with waterproof coating, or a dedicated waterproof paint to meet the needs of users outdoor travel. Here advise to pay attention to the the interface and weight when purchase the speaker, if the quality is too light, though it is portable, but slightly bumps easily lead to damage to internal parts.

Other things to pay attention ,let’s analyse in next blog.

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