How To Choose A Bluetooth Speaker (2)

- Aug 21, 2017-


Let’s continue to analyse ,what need pay attention to when choosing a bluetooth speaker

3, battery life:

Same as mobile phone,the longer the better of bluetooth speaker battery life.Everything has a peak value,We suggested that under normal use, the Bluetooth life time to maintain 8-10 hours is appropriate. 3 hours a day, can be maintained for 3 days. Usually the working hours of the speaker and battery capacity and product power have a certain relationship, the battery capacity = use time × equipment power ÷ battery voltage. Simply say that in other cases, the battery capacity is proportional to the use of time. Dual-unit Bluetooth speakers, for example, their power concentrated in the 4W to 6W between, if you want to achieve the ideal playback time, the battery capacity is best to reach more than 1000mAh.

4, sound quality

Sound quality to listen by yourself, choose to meet your listening habits of the speaker

Objectively speaking, the sound quality of small speakers is very embarrassing, it is not like a soundbox with large size of the speaker and power, the sound quality by physical restrictions can not compete with the big speakers. But for the vast majority of users , small speakers with flat and mobile phone use enough to meet the auditory needs. In this case, how to judge the sound quality is good or bad? The most intuitive way is to personally listen, for example, BOSE and other brands will have their own products online store for users to listen. Listen to when we need to pay attention to a few points, the first speaker loudness loudness is large enough; Second, the maximum volume when the treble is broken sound phenomenon; listen to pop music and watch the most commonly used is the speaker part of the frequency, pay attention to the sound Whether the distortion, the sound is excessive; the last low-frequency, not too harsh, to their own basic expectations can be.


Many small speakers with new, odd, special features as a gimmick to promote, such as comes with alarm clock, wireless card reader, NFC, comes with lanterns, etc., although the function is very cool but also very convenient, but never overturned. Users do not cover up the original intention of buying a Bluetooth speaker because of the gorgeous propaganda.

According to the above recommendations to buy Bluetooth speakers, the general direction of the basic right, the rest is the user according to their own budget and taste to choose their own speaker products. In short, choose a familiar brand, do not covet a small cheap to buy a lot of unknown broken copper, so as to occur unnecessary security risks

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