How To Save The LP( Vinyl Record )

- Jul 09, 2018-

LP player is the mian music format in 20th ,  perfect for all ages because it is more authentic and cheaper on hearing. but during a long time ,the LP is just used by DJ and radio stations, they have been degraded to the disposal of the garage in long time. maybe people always loves a good comeback story, and music's latest resurgence is no exception . the vinyl record is back to the younger generation now.


Many customers hope to know how to save the vinyl record.

As a delicate and delicate audio product, LP is easy to be dirty because of its large size. If you are a professional player, you can choose to buy a LP dish washer, but this machine is expensive.


Normal users can try towel and wool brush, use soap liquid or pure water to wash slowly. Molds and dust will be squeezed in needles and trenches, which may cause injuries to track, or even irreversibly damage.


In addition, the re-play are required after each six hours of listening. This prevents the high heat generated by friction when the needle is played on the disc, and softens the groove of the plastic groove.


The improvement of Codi's LP player also ensures that user can quickly get on when using the product. Compared with the old style record machine, this product is really simplified, and the sound quality is very good. No matter the person who is pursuing the quality of life or the music enthusiast, it will not be disappointed to buy home.

As an antique product, Codi combines both ancient and scientific technology perfectly. The factory designs and sells the one-stop service, which could save the buyer's cost. welcome to order directly.

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