Old Fashioned Record Player Gradually Fade Out Of People's Attention

- Sep 29, 2017-

Old Fashioned Record Player were born in the early 80s of last century, to the 90's, with the CD, VCD and other new home appliances audio products and the popularity of it gradually fade out of people's attention.

The old side of the tape machine has a very show off the appearance of a large rectangular plastic shell, the middle of a single door or double door under the tape, put the tape press the corresponding button, you can let go or sound recording; above is the radio band and FM settings, do not listen to tape Can be used when the radio, both ends have two large speakers. Some brands are still set on the body transparent space, which can rotate the device can flash the neon lights, open the tape recorders, music melodious, neon flashing, the typical era of products.

Specifically, the Old Fashioned Record Player did not enter the homes of ordinary people, because it does not have the TV intuitive, lack of radio simple, and expensive, but also continue to buy tape, this is not a favorite of the people. It is only in the intellectual family, fashionable young family in a short stay for more than a dozen years, accompanied by a full drawer or a carton tape, hurriedly bid farewell to the stage of history.

An old-fashioned portable disc recorder. Silver gray shell on the blot, witnessed the experience of the vicissitudes of life. It is different from the kind of cassette tape recorder that was common in the 1980s. It weighs about 12 pounds. It looks more like a gray iron luggage case. Open the lock, lift the lid, and the tape and tape recorder control panel will be revealed.

If the tape recorder tape slightly with some cassette tape recorder tape prototype, then the disc recorder mode of operation, it is completely different from the cassette tape recorder,Old Fashioned Record Player its function is to rely on the knob to complete. In my careful care, this old-fashioned tape recorder has been well preserved, playback, recording, rewind and other functions are still normal.

During the war, the tape recorder not only take the front line interview, the news broadcast of the task, and often with the propaganda car street, as the role of mobile announcer. Often how many days battle, the tape recorder in the publicity car to stay how many days. In 1986, the battle was in full swing,Old Fashioned Record Player the Yellow River flood, ice, I joined the field propaganda group, the daily anti-flood warfare briefing, superiors instructions, timely recording and propaganda through the propaganda to the various sections, greatly encouraged the flood The morale of the rescuers.

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