Old Fashioned Record Player Should Use High Quality Tape Equipment

- Jul 10, 2017-

Tape and tape Old Fashioned Record Player must "match" in order to obtain satisfactory results. Otherwise, even if there is a high-level tape without a suitable tape recorder, or a high-level tape recorder without the appropriate tape, will not get high-quality sound effects.

There is no tape selector switch (Tape) of the ordinary tape recorder or tape Old Fashioned Record Player, can only use γ-Fe2O3 ordinary tape. For tape Old Fashioned Record Player with tape selector switch (TAPE), tapes can be selected according to actual needs: Normal (ordinary), optional ordinary iron oxide tape; Cr02, optional chrome dioxide tape; marked with FeCr (or FeCo), optional iron chrome belt or iron belt.

In the recording or playback, according to the type of tape, the tape selection (Tape) switch to the appropriate tape logo file, in order to get the best recording and playback effects.

② Select the tape according to the application

For recording language or drama programs, use ordinary tape can be; recording music programs, should use high-quality tape, such as chromium dioxide, iron chrome belt or iron belt.

③ Select the tape according to the length of the program

Commonly used cassettes are C-30, C-60, C-120 and so on several, which shows the tape on both sides of the tape, put the total time (minutes). Therefore, according to the length of time to record the program, to buy the appropriate tape to avoid waste.

(2) the use of tape

① before use should check the tape with the tape around the situation, such as the leading loose, it should be tightened to avoid the occurrence of twisting. For the new tape, should be used before the fast forward, fast forward way to make it one or two times.

② after the occurrence of twist, do not force to pull the tape, so as not to break or pull off the tape, should be used in the direction of the twist with your fingers gently toggle the rubber band, so that the ribbon slowly exit. If the tape is broken, the breakage can be partially overlapped and cut with a scissors along the 45o diagonal. After alignment,Old Fashioned Record Player  use a thin, transparent adhesive on the back of the tape to restore it.

③ tape should pay attention to dust, moisture, heat, anti-magnetic.

④ need for long-term preservation of the precious program with,Old Fashioned Record Player  it should be misplaced wipe pimple to prevent mistakenly wiped.

⑤ long-term programs do not have to regularly rewound to avoid the "copy effect" (that is, the upper and lower layers of magnetic mutual magnetization).

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