The Nicety Of The Vinyl Record

- Aug 14, 2017-

vinly records (2).png

Through the young people’s pursue, the number of vinyl sales was increased ,

 More and more young people in the nostalgia, attracted by the unique voice charm, buy vinyl turntables, buy vinyl records, enjoy the fragrant taste of vinyl records.

Several interesting data of vinyl record

- 1948 monophonic LP come out, in 1958 three-dimensional vinyl comes out.

- hair diameter of about 0.05mm-0.1mm, vinyl record grooves width of about 0.025-0.035mm.

- 12 inch vinyl records ,the outermost circle length is about 100cm.

- 12 inch vinyl record,the inner circle length is 6 inches, about 45cm.

- 33 revolutions per minute for 33 m per minute, about 2km per hour, and about 460 m for each side of the LP groove.

- the temperature at which the needle tip is about 149-260 ° C when the vinyl is tracked.


The benefits of vinyl records

There are many benefits of vinyl,such as vinyl no analog to digital, digital and then simulate the various distortions, which is one of the biggest benefits of vinyl.

Four-channel era, the needle can be reproduced 45kHz high frequency, overtone and even up to 100kHz, which is one of the biggest benefits of vinyl. While the CD's maximum bandwidth is limited to 22kHz.

The biggest advantage of vinyl records is that everyone can bring out the voice of their desired, interesting. If the skill is deep, it is more likely to call out a very attractive voice.

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