What Is Bluetooth Transmission?

- Aug 22, 2017-

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From the use of a short-distance transmission of mobile files, and now can be applied in different occasions to meet the needs of different data transmission, Bluetooth transmission in more than 20 years of development history, has become the mainstream wireless data transmission. The type of equipment that allows Bluetooth to transmit, as the standard changes are made to the inclusiveness and stability, are increasing.

The Bluetooth master can communicate with up to seven devices in a piconet, and not all devices are able to reach this maximum. Devices can be converted through the protocol role, from the device can also be converted to the main device Bluetooth using frequency hopping technology. Bluetooth device is the transmission of data is divided into packets, through the 79 designated Bluetooth channels were transmitted data packets, in order to achieve stable transmission, low power consumption, and can be strong encryption characteristics

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In the current mainstream Bluetooth application list, the following are more common:

1. Wireless control and communication between mobile phones and hands-free headphones, which is also one of the early popular applications.

2. Wireless control and communication of devices such as tablets and speakers equipped with iOS or Android.

3. The wireless audio stream delivered to the headset, no communication function.

These three transmission applications, in fact, we see today, the Bluetooth audio equipment has been able to settle down the fundamental

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